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Hire Our ISA & Utility Certified Arborists on Vancouver Island

A homeowner may not have the complete skills and knowledge required to spot potential problems with the trees in their land like a certified arborist. You can prevent diseases, insects, and general damage that can lead to the condition of your tree becoming worse by having an arborist inspect them. A weak tree on your property can be dangerous because it can result in damage to your property as well as serious injuries to people. If you are concerned about the health of your trees, hire Above & Beyond Tree Service’s certified arborists in Comox Valley and Vancouver Island.


We Have a Team of Well-trained Arborists

During the regular assessment of trees, our arborists will advise you on which branches to be removed and how often to get them pruned. This prevents the chances of uprooting and accidents during a storm. With years of experience in this business, we can help you make timely decisions with your trees. We will also study the structure of the tree to ensure that it is safe. Count on our arborists not only to help prevent diseases and risks but also to improve the appearance of your trees. Mentioned below are the services we offer:

Danger tree assessment

Tree reports


Advice and planning

Tree audits

Contact us if you want us to have a look at your trees.



Our arborists offer danger tree assessment to keep your family safe.

What Our Customers Are Saying?



“Wow! Above & Beyond removed a large cherry tree in our yard. There was absolutely no damage to our soggy lawn and, beyond a 2" stump, no evidence they were there - no sawdust, branches, etc. left over. They also moved our children's trampoline across the yard out of the goodness of their heart - it was in the way of the tree that needed removing. We'll be happy to do business with Above & Beyond again!”

- Al J.



“Had over 20 cypress trees trimmed and I am very happy with the results. My wife was home when work was done and stated she was very impressed with the crew sent to do the work. We will ask for them again next year. Competitive pricing and came in at exactly what we were quoted. Thanks for a job well done.”


- Paul H.



“Prompt to respond to a request for a quote and got the job done the next day! I thought I was ahead of the game and would book them for January but they did it super fast in two days from point of first contact to finished job! And the guys who did the pruning were very knowledgeable and cleaned up after themselves.”


- Sonya J.

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