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Cutting down and removing trees can often involve district requirements and bylaws. Some particular trees on city streets or private properties are also considered protected by the Municipal Code. As a result of this, the process of tree removal can be a little confusing. Above & Beyond Tree Service is here to assist you with the tree removal bylaws in your area so that you know what you can and cant do. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information.



Here is a summary of the latest tree removal bylaws for the Courtenay district as well as a link to their Website for full details: 


  You need a tree removal permit if your property is larger than an acre.

  In some cases, You may require a tree removal permit even if your property is smaller than an acre. This is typically the case when you want to remove a protected tree species such as Arbutus, Trembling Aspen, Pacific Yew, Western White Pine, Pacific Dogwood, and Garry Oak. Do not forget to check covenants.

  The official website of Courtenay has a tree bylaw page and an interactive map to see the minimum number of trees required on your land. In essence, you may need to replant a new tree if you remove a tree from your property.


In the Comox district, you will require a tree cutting permit to cut down a healthy tree. Here’s what you need to know:

  If the size of the tree trunk you want to remove is less than 20cms in diameter, then the tree removal bylaws do not apply. 

  You also don’t need a tree removal permit if a tree is proven to be diseased, dangerous, or dead by a certified arborist. However, you will require a certified statement from a professional arborist as proof.

  You can face a fine of up to $2000 per tree for removing trees without getting permission.

  Feel free to go through the detailed bylaws of tree management and protection for the town of Comox.



There are no particular tree removal bylaws in the village of Cumberland compared to others. However, they maintain a list of significant trees. You can check out the list on their official website.


At Above & Beyond Tree Service, we are up to date with the latest tree removal bylaws on Vancouver Island. Contact us to learn more about them. We can help you with all your unique tree maintenance and removal needs.

What Our Customers Are Saying?



“Wow! Above & Beyond removed a large cherry tree in our yard. There was absolutely no damage to our soggy lawn and, beyond a 2" stump, no evidence they were there - no sawdust, branches, etc. left over. They also moved our children's trampoline across the yard out of the goodness of their heart - it was in the way of the tree that needed removing. We'll be happy to do business with Above & Beyond again!”

- Al J.



“Had over 20 cypress trees trimmed and I am very happy with the results. My wife was home when work was done and stated she was very impressed with the crew sent to do the work. We will ask for them again next year. Competitive pricing and came in at exactly what we were quoted. Thanks for a job well done.”


- Paul H.



“Prompt to respond to a request for a quote and got the job done the next day! I thought I was ahead of the game and would book them for January but they did it super fast in two days from point of first contact to finished job! And the guys who did the pruning were very knowledgeable and cleaned up after themselves.”


- Sonya J.

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